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Optimal Length Of A Training Session


Results of much research show that the total amount of time spent on physical activities makes a difference. For example, ten hours per month will be practically twice as effective as five hours. With that said, the length of each session doesn’t really matter – three thirty minute workouts daily will lead to the same result as one hour-and-a-half session. ...

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Best Shoulder Workout Tips

best shoulder workout tips

The deltoid muscle is a surface muscle of the shoulder that forms its exterior contour. It is this muscle that takes part in bending and unbending the shoulder. The back part of the shoulder is comprised of the trapezius muscle. Each professional bodybuilder knows that shoulder best shoulder workout has a very big role in competition, as it not only makes ...

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Exercises For Lower Back


Exercises For Lower Back If you want to have great muscular back, you need to pump all its parts: upper, middle and lower back parts. Today we will look at exercises for lower back, which will help you to build your lower back. However, at first we should figure out what muscles lower back includes. When we speak about exercises ...

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How To Build A Wide Back

build a wide back

How To Build A Wide Back Although the science is still not able to figure out how and why our muscles grow in response to the power load, the main reason of it is settled. To build a wide back you need to consider the function of genes. Normally, genes are “asleep”. They can be compared with inactivated computer programs, but ...

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10 Tips For Effective Biceps Workout

Effective Biceps Workouts

10 Tips For Effective Biceps Workout Don’t cheat while bending your arms with heavy dumbbells! This can cause lower back pain and even lead to a disk hernia. To get the best results, keep your form while exercising. Doing so you will protect you from injuries and give the needed stimulus for muscle growth. Stick to basic exercises. For maximum biceps ...

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How To Get Bigger Arms


The main workout rules and the best exercises for building powerful arms. Everything about mixing shoulder, biceps, triceps and forearm training. If you want to know How to Get Bigger Arms, this article will help you. Arm Muscles Anatomy Upper limb muscles are divided into the upper arm and the forearm muscles. The muscles on the front of the upper arm ...

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Best Circuit Training Workout


Best Circuit Training Workout is successive all-round workout for all major muscle groups. It’s suitable for both beginners and more experienced athletes. This method of training is aimed at elaboration not only all over your body, but also the cardiovascular system and joint, for more intensive weight workouts as well as development of proper exercise technique. Best Circuit Training Workout ...

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