Best Post-Workout Meal


If you want to know what is the best post-workout meal, then this article is for you. It’s best to eat in the first twenty minutes after the training session.  If you restrain yourself from eating for two hours after training, then it loses all meaning. You will burn some fat, but not gain anything in the size, definition and thickness ...

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Good Pre-Workout Meal


Your good pre-workout meal should provide your body with all the essential nutrients for maximum benefit from the workout. The purpose of your pre-workout meal is to prepare the body for the upcoming stress, ensure a constant flow of energy, keep you in a good mood and help you to be concentrated on your workout. Good Pre-Workout Meal – Water ...

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Exercises For Lower Back


Exercises For Lower Back If you want to have great muscular back, you need to pump all its parts: upper, middle and lower back parts. Today we will look at exercises for lower back, which will help you to build your lower back. However, at first we should figure out what muscles lower back includes. When we speak about exercises ...

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No Processed Food Diet


Instead of wasting your time on choosing the right diet, think of your health and lifestyle. We can name the diet you should follow no processed food diet. As you understand the main rule is to avoid junk food, fast food and snacks. At first let’s figure out which products are good for us and what the main points of ...

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How To Build Bigger Triceps

Build Bigger Triceps

How To Build Bigger Triceps If you want to know how to build bigger triceps, then this article is for you. The triceps is a three headed muscle of the shoulder thanks to which the elbow can bend and unbend. This muscle is concentrated at the back of the shoulder bone and includes three fascicles: the long, lateral and middle. The Formation ...

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How To Build A Wide Back

build a wide back

How To Build A Wide Back Although the science is still not able to figure out how and why our muscles grow in response to the power load, the main reason of it is settled. To build a wide back you need to consider the function of genes. Normally, genes are “asleep”. They can be compared with inactivated computer programs, but ...

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9 Tips How To Get Muscle Definition

How To Get Muscle Definition

9 Tips How To Get Muscle Definition Most of you know what to eat to ensure muscle growth: Smaller potions every two-and-a-half, three hours Consuming no less than 30 grams of protein with each meal Not ignoring the consumption of fats! Twenty to thirty percent of all calories should come from healthy fats Quality sources of carbohydrates: fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, rice ...

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10 Tips For Effective Biceps Workout

Effective Biceps Workouts

10 Tips For Effective Biceps Workout Don’t cheat while bending your arms with heavy dumbbells! This can cause lower back pain and even lead to a disk hernia. To get the best results, keep your form while exercising. Doing so you will protect you from injuries and give the needed stimulus for muscle growth. Stick to basic exercises. For maximum biceps ...

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How To Get Bigger Arms


The main workout rules and the best exercises for building powerful arms. Everything about mixing shoulder, biceps, triceps and forearm training. If you want to know How to Get Bigger Arms, this article will help you. Arm Muscles Anatomy Upper limb muscles are divided into the upper arm and the forearm muscles. The muscles on the front of the upper arm ...

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Best Back Exercises

best back exercises

If you not only want to have strong back muscles, but also have them be big and defined, you will need specific exercises that are targeted to grow muscles of the back. In order to clearly understand what you are striving for, you need to review the structure of the muscles of the back. Now we’ll talk about back muscles and the best ...

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