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What And How To Eat Before A Training Session


Many beginners often ask a question of what is the right way of eating before a workout. When training for muscle mass, your meal before a workout should contain carbohydrates and proteins and contain a small amount of fats (not more than 3-5 grams). You shouldn’t eat sooner than two hours prior to working out. It is known that physical ...

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Best Food For Liver Health


The liver is the largest gland in the body. It plays an important role in clearing the organism from harmful substances, turning them into harmless ones. Best Food For Liver Health Today we have a bad tendency of eating a lot of junk food, such as sausages, sauces, fast food and other products with a great number of food additives, ...

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Benefits Of Organic Food


Despite we’ve heard a lot about advantages of organic food over non-organic, some people still don’t see any difference between them, because when you watch it or taste it, you may think that they are all the same. Nevertheless, the differences in quality and contents of organic and genetically modified products are enormous, and of course the organic food is the ...

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What To Eat Before And After Training?


Have you decided to start working out? Great! But do you know what you should eat before and after training? Or what to intake during training? Remember the most important think: if you give in to temptation, you will never get the desired results regardless of how many hours you spend at the gym. Don’t get carried away with strict ...

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Best Post-Workout Meal


If you want to know what is the best post-workout meal, then this article is for you. It’s best to eat in the first twenty minutes after the training session.  If you restrain yourself from eating for two hours after training, then it loses all meaning. You will burn some fat, but not gain anything in the size, definition and thickness ...

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No Processed Food Diet


Instead of wasting your time on choosing the right diet, think of your health and lifestyle. We can name the diet you should follow no processed food diet. As you understand the main rule is to avoid junk food, fast food and snacks. At first let’s figure out which products are good for us and what the main points of ...

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