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Optimal Length Of A Training Session

Results of much research show that the total amount of time spent on physical activities makes a difference. For example, ten hours per month will be practically twice as effective as five hours. With that said, the length of each session doesn’t really matter – three thirty minute workouts daily will lead to the same result as one hour-and-a-half session. Due to this you cannot count on growing muscle mass of lowering your weight if you only train one hour per week or ten minutes per day.

Optimal length of a training session is always determined by your goal, peculiarities of the training program and the level of professionalism.

Length of a session for gaining mass

An average training session that will give the best results is an hour, an hour-and-a-half. A routine of a professional athlete takes less time – approximately forty to sixty minutes – due to a narrower specialization. Beginner bodybuilder’s workout takes about an hour-and-a-half, two hours, as he/she needs more time to rest between sets and a wider specialization. Don’t forget that each training session should be followed by a ten minute warm-up and a ten minute cool-down period. Too long of workouts cause an elevated production of cortisol – a hormone that destroys muscles and can lead to over-training.

Length of a session for losing weight

Length of a training session when losing weight is key for getting results – it shouldn’t be less than thirty minutes because you can’t speed up metabolism in any less time, so you can’t start burning fat. Optimal time for such a session is one hour. The longer the training time, the more effective your workout is; however, in bodybuilding this can lead to muscle destruction under the influence of catabolic processes.

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