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How To Get Bigger Thighs

Nowadays many girls are searching for an answer how to get bigger thighs. Historically rounded women’s thighs are thought to be a symbol of femininity and beauty. The rhythm of modern life has led to the fact that the most common type of body is ectomorphic; it means that more and more women have long thin arms and legs and narrow hips. Today many women suffer from the lack of weight, not its excess. Therefore, we’ll try to explain in this article how to get bigger thighs and become more feminine.

Without any doubt it’s almost impossible to change the shape of the pelvic bones. They’re given by nature and can’t be corrected without an operation. But you are powerful enough to lift your butt and make your hips rounded. All you need is to gain mass and tone your muscles.

To answer the question “How to get bigger thighs?”, it’s necessary to point out two main rules – intensive training and good diet.

If you want to get bigger thighs, you need more protein for gaining mass. Forget about low-protein diets and vegetarianism. Your daily ration should include such products as: chicken breast, sea fish, as well as yoghurt and cheese. Eat more creamy ice cream and don’t be afraid to become overweight: all extra calories will be burned during your training sessions.

The training program for those who are wondering, how to get bigger thighs, should be aimed at building big muscles, so it should be special. The exercises with low intensity, but high duration, won’t fit you. Exercises with numerous reps and cardio won’t allow you to build muscles, they will even dry them.

The best exercises for those who want to know how to get bigger thighs

The best exercises to gain mass in the thighs and butt are squats and split squats with barbell. If you have never trained with barbell, use only a bar or dumbbells. You need to choose weight, which you can perform only 5-8 reps per set with.


Place the barbell on your shoulders. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Look straight ahead or slightly up. Do not look down; you can easily lose control of the body. Technique of squats is very important. Lower the hips slowly and push them back a little, as though you sit on a chair. Keep your heels on the floor. Many girls have problems with Achilles tendons due to high heels, and they can’t physically sit correctly. In this case, take a platform of 2-3 cm high and put it under your heels. Don’t forget to draw your attention to stretching of tendons. After a while, try to squat without the platform.

Lower slowly and smoothly, keep your back straight or slightly bend it at lower back. Do not slouch. The lower you sit down, the greater load your butt will get. If you stand with your legs wide apart and toes pointed outwards slightly, you will further train the inner thighs. At the lowest point pause for a few seconds and smoothly return to the starting position. Take your time, slow squats provide a much greater load.

All exercises with big weights should be carried out with support, it is better if an experienced fitness instructor can help you. He will also give you advice on the technique.

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