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How To Get Bigger Arms

The main workout rules and the best exercises for building powerful arms. Everything about mixing shoulder, biceps, triceps and forearm training. If you want to know How to Get Bigger Arms, this article will help you.

Arm Muscles Anatomy

Upper limb muscles are divided into the upper arm and the forearm muscles. The muscles on the front of the upper arm consist of three muscles: the brachialis muscle, coracobrachialis muscle and biceps brachii, the rear part of the upper arm comprises the triceps brachii muscle and anconeus muscle.
Totally, there are more than 20 different arm muscles, including small hand muscles. In terms of bodybuilding and gaining muscle, the most important ones are biceps, triceps, deltoid muscle and forearm muscles.

Training Strategy

Taking into consideration the fact that each arm muscle group is relatively small (in comparison with chest and thigh muscles), it’s very easy to overload and overtrain biceps, triceps and deltoid muscles, which is really harmful for their growth.
To train these muscles properly and effectively, it’s essential to follow two rules: first of all, arm workout shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes, and secondly, each arm muscle group mustn’t be trained more often than once in three days.

How To Get Bigger Arms

You can train your arms with isolation exercises only once a week. And what’s more, the arm-day should be combined with leg-day, because these muscle groups have particularly no influence on each other’s work.
On other training days arm muscles should be involved indirectly – triceps is used in barbell bench press, biceps works in pull-ups and bent-over row. In addition, you can do no more than two isolation exercises for arms per day.

Best Arm Workout

If you exercise three times a week, one half of Monday workout should be devoted to leg muscles, the other one – to thorough work on arms. On Wednesday do only one triceps exercise, on Friday train your shoulders, biceps and forearms.

Monday. 2-3 leg exercises, 3-4 isolation exercises for arms (3-4 sets with 12-15 reps), 1-2 abs exercises.
Wednesday. 3-4 exercises for chest and torso muscles, deadlift, 1 for triceps (4 sets with 15 reps), 1-2 abs exercises.
Friday. 2-3 back exercises, military press (3 sets with 5-7 reps) and one more isolation exercise for shoulders (3-4 sets with 12-15 reps), 1 ex for biceps, 1 ex for forearms, 1-2 abs exercises.

Shoulder Exercises

Hypertrophy of deltoid muscles makes shoulders wider and you look much more strong and powerful. The best exercise for shoulders building is the military press – it’s one of five compound exercises for gaining mass.
Moreover, there are two more very effective exercises for shoulders: Dumbbell Flyes and Dumbbell Front Raises. As the technique of these exercises is essential for achieving desirable result, it’s preferable to work quite intensively (12-15reps in each set) with medium weights.

Triceps Exercises

Despite the fact that triceps mass is 30-40% bigger than biceps mass, we don’t traditionally draw a lot of attention to its training. But strong triceps are very important both for the arm size and your power performance in compound exercises.
The main exercises for triceps are Dips and Close-Grip Barbell Bench Press. The first one you can do on “arm day”, the second one – on “chest day”. Perform them in 3-4sets with 12-15reps.

Biceps Exercises

The most popular isolation exercise for biceps is Standing Barbell Curls. However, we use biceps while implementing many different exercises, and first of all in back exercises – Under grip pull ups, Front Lat Pulldown and others.

Biceps training, like other small muscle group trainings, requires 12-15 reps and perfect technique. Do not chase the big scales, and try to feel your muscles working.


Big trained arms require complex workouts with exercises for shoulder girdle muscles, biceps, triceps and forearm muscles. If you pay a lot of attention only to one of these muscles, you are at the risk of building disproportionate arms.

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