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How To Build Bigger Triceps

How To Build Bigger Triceps

If you want to know how to build bigger triceps, then this article is for you. The triceps is a three headed muscle of the shoulder thanks to which the elbow can bend and unbend. This muscle is concentrated at the back of the shoulder bone and includes three fascicles: the long, lateral and middle.

The Formation Of The Triceps

A lot of athletes often neglect triceps’ training. This could be especially said about beginners in bodybuilding. They think that only the biceps affects the visual appearance of the arm. This is a misconception – if you look at a person from different sides, you will se that it is the triceps that plays the main role in the arm muscle mass formation. As a whole, the triceps takes up two-thirds of the shoulder, which is why it is this muscle that aids in defined arms formation.

You can often see information that tells you of different exercises that are designed for a specific fascicle of the triceps. In reality, almost all exercises imply the load of all three fascicles, while the amount that each one takes on is different depending on a person’s genetic specifications. If the long fascicle is lagging behind, it will be quite difficult to speed up its development compared to the other two. All three fascicles function together and it’s not surprising that during an exercise all get a similar load.

Nevertheless, there are several tricks that will allow you to shift the accent to a specific fascicle. To put the main load on the long fascicle, you will need to complete exercises that require arms to be raised and bent behind the head. The shoulder joint should be used as well. To load the medium and the lateral fascicles, you will need to do bent raises, as well as wrist pronation.

Each athlete should know that such a muscle as the triceps requires a lot of concentration, so it is recommended that you don’t cheat during triceps specific exercises. In order to get the needed result, you need to strictly adhere to the technique of the exercises.

Peculiarities Of The Training

It is not recommended that you train triceps more than once a week. Any professional bodybuilder knows that most of chest exercises also work the triceps, so you need to seriously develop your own training program. You need to make sure that your chest and triceps are trained in different days. To get the best results, you should load the triceps gradually. After you have had a serious training session, always allow the triceps to recoup for at least a week.

To build bigger triceps you should do 10-15 reps during each training, with the recommended amount of sets of no more than three.

Much like most other muscles, the triceps is best developed with basic exercises. For example, we can point out a narrow grip lying press or the well-known parallel bar pushups. For beginner bodybuilders it is not recommended to perform isolating exercises.

Effective Triceps Exercises

Today, there are a lot of different triceps exercises, but a lot of them are ineffective. We will point out only the best ones, which allow for great results in growing triceps’ mass.

The French Press

A very effective exercise that works all three fascicles very well. French press can be an addition to a training program of a beginner, as well as a professional athlete. We should point out that there are different variations of this exercise and all of them are just as effective and directly work the triceps proportionally, just like the classic French press.

Narrow Grip Bench Press

This exercise can easily be considered the best among basic exercises. The benefit of this exercise lies in the fact that that the athlete will not need sophisticated machines and it is very easy to do. Note, bench press also works the chest muscles and thanks to an angled bench press you can work either the front or the back parts of the muscle. Similar to the French press, this exercise can be used by beginners and professionals alike.

Parallel Bar Push-Ups

This is a great triceps exercise that will help you grow the triceps, especially its lower part. The technique is very simple. In order to get a better result we recommend using weights.

Floor Push-Ups

The unquestionable benefit of this exercise is the fact that you can do it at home without any equipment. During a pushup, the muscles of the back, legs and abs also flex and it can be used easily as a warm-up exercise. If you want, you can raise the resistance with a partner or a simple backpack.

Lever Push-Downs

This exercise is done on a lever machine, which will definitely seem comfortable for many athletes. In this case, you are working the same muscles that you do during a parallel bar pushup.

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