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How To Build A Wide Back

How To Build A Wide Back

Although the science is still not able to figure out how and why our muscles grow in response to the power load, the main reason of it is settled. To build a wide back you need to consider the function of genes. Normally, genes are “asleep”. They can be compared with inactivated computer programs, but it’s impossible to activate them just by pressing a right button.

In fact, the genes evokes powerful power load. However, studies have shown that any ordinary amateur training program “works” only in 2-2.5 weeks. Then you go to the gym without any effect.

Science has offered a revolutionary decision. It turns out that to build a wide back you need to train in short cycles. This reminds of the well-known circuit training, but before now a bodybuilder at first tried to get bigger size and then fought for muscle “relief”… From now on, the athlete had to combine diametrically different modes of training: pumping and strength training with compound exercises. The pioneer of the method is the multiple champion of “Olympia” Ronnie Coleman.

Application of the new method in the amateur sports has brought phenomenal results! Amateur athletes’ muscle growth has fabulously accelerated! However, the real breakthrough came when athletes began to apply this way of training (mixing) within a week microcycle!

Today, this training system is a mainstream in bodybuilding. Try it on your back and you will see: the system is unbelievably effective!

Double Hit

So, you will have two back workouts a week. The first is aimed at the development of strength. It includes compound weight exercises, and pull-ups will be the most important of them. And do not even dare to argue! This is proved to be effective. Your bodybuilder back will not cost a penny, unless you learn to pull yourself at least 10 times per set!

The second exercise is Bent Over Barbell Row. And then complete your training with One-Arm Dumbbell Row.

Rough training is the strongest stress for the body. (It is easy to guess from the next morning muscle pain.) This very way of brutal training awakens our genes.

Another thing is that the second Strength training won’t surprise your muscles. And a paradoxical suppression mechanism of gene activation is on. Otherwise the planet won’t have any resources to feed millions of huge muscle monsters.))

That’s why here we need a completely different incentive. It is a hard pumping workout.

We will perform it with the help of exercise machines not to overload our joints. Don’t forget that our aim is to work on every part of our back, so power records are forbidden here! We need hard pumping!

The combination of two different ways of training (pumping and strength training) within a week split guarantees an unprecedented activation of muscle genes and allows you to build a wide back very quickly!

The Main Secret

When you have a strength training set you need to perform 8 reps per set. It may seem that everything is simple: grab a heavy barbell and do pull till you are exhausted! No, it’s much more complicated. After all, you have 5 sets. If the very first set is really difficult, the number of reps will be decreasing from set to set. It is the only decision when you become more and more tired after each set. As a result, in the last set you will hardly do 5-6 reps. It isn’t good at all! The final set is supposed to be the most intense! This is a power record, which shakes to the core the gene mechanism in muscle cells!

It’s easy to calculate on the calculator the intensity you need. It’s enough to multiply your working weight by the number of reps you’ve been able to perform. It turns out that your most important set, in which you’ve made quite a few reps, contrary to logic, is careless.

Now listen how it should be. Choose weights with which you’ll be able to perform only 10-12 reps. It is suitable weight to work on your strength. BUT! Do only 8 reps per set.

What’s more, performing the last set, you must stop one rep before the point of failure!

The same rule works in pumping. Although you’ll have to perform 15 reps, you should choose your working weight with which you’ll be able to do 18-20 reps till the point of failure. Then do an exercise in the same manner: do 15 reps per set and you won’t have a failure in the final set.

Why is the failure forbidden? Because such a peak load tightly blocks the genes!

By the way, have you already noticed that in time of hassle and family problems muscles do not grow? There is one more proof of scientists’ research.

However, may be not they are right, but mystics. Yogis claim that miracles are possible only in the state of crystal-clear consciousness.

So, you don’t need “failure”, if you are interested in the wide back, which is a real miracle of a bodybuilder.

Wide Back Workout

These exercises are a part of week split, which includes other muscle groups training. Rest between back workouts must be not less than 72 hours.

  • Pull-ups

START: Take the position of ordinary hang on the crossbeam. Wide grip.

PERFORMING: The rise of the body is carried out by strictly isolated movement of the elbows to the bottom. Do not pull yourself to the bar by the force of arms. This makes an exercise meaningless. Do 8-10 reps per set. If you don’t have enough might for full set, perform it in the style of “rest-break”, using the low support in intervals.

  • Bent Over Barbell Row

START: Take the position of tilt, holding the barbell in straight hands next to your hips. Keep your back straight. The head does not decline, hold it “in the line” with the spine.

PERFORMING: By strict isolated lift of elbows up, pull the barbell to your waist. Without pause, return the bar to the starting position in front of the hips.

  • One-Arm Dumbbell Row

START: Take the position of straight arm and knee of the same leg lean. Straighten the other arm and hold the dumbbell with a neutral grip.

PERFORMING: By strict isolated lift of elbows upwards, pull the Dumbbell to your waist. Without pause return the dumbbell to the starting position. Complete all reps with one hand, and then change hands.

  • Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown Exercise

START: Place the knees under the exercise machine pads and firmly secure the body in a sitting position. Ask your partner to give you the bar and take its ends with the wide grip.

PERFORMING: Not leaning back, pull the bar down to the chest by an isolated movement of elbows downwards.

  • T-bar row

START: Take the position of the breast lean in the exercise machine. Hold the handle and take the Barbell. Straighten your hands holding the barbell above the floor. Feel the tension of the back muscles.

PERFORMING: Pull the Barbell by an isolated movement of elbows upwards. Without pause return it to the starting position on the straight arms. Do not use muscles of the hands, or the load on the back muscles will be reduced significantly.

  • Seated Cable Row

START: Sit down on the machine and place your feet on the front platform. Hands are completely straight. Lean back a little. Weights must be removed from the support.

PERFORMING: Pull the handle to the waist by an isolated movement of elbows backwards. Do not use hands muscles, or the load on the back muscles will be reduced significantly.

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