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Good Pre-Workout Meal

Your good pre-workout meal should provide your body with all the essential nutrients for maximum benefit from the workout.
The purpose of your pre-workout meal is to prepare the body for the upcoming stress, ensure a constant flow of energy, keep you in a good mood and help you to be concentrated on your workout.

Good Pre-Workout Meal – Water

First of all, you should not be dehydrated! Even if you consume enough water during the day, be sure to drink 1-2 glasses of water about an hour before your workout. In addition, scientists say that 2 cups of cold water, drunk on an empty stomach, increase the metabolic rate by 30%.

Advice: To maintain the fat burning process and protein synthesis on a high level, drink more water.

Good Pre-Workout Meal – Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates (whole grains, bananas, apples, peaches, etc.) get their name because of their slow speed of turning into monosaccharides, which are the most preferred source of energy. Thus, the Complex carbohydrates provide the energy in small portions for a long time. This way of getting energy is the most preferable during physical exercises and as pre-workout meal: on the one hand, the muscles are always provided with a constant flow of energy, but on the other hand, it is still not enough, that makes our organism break down fats for additional energy.

It is proved that sportsmen who eat complex carbohydrates before activity can run 7 min longer, than those who eat simple carbohydrates (white bread, jam, glucose).

Advice: 30 minutes before exercise eat 40 grams of complex carbohydrates (fruits, whole grains).

Good Pre-Workout Meal – Proteins

Studies show: the more amino acids muscles get before training, the faster protein synthesis is. Pre-workout meal should contain enough protein to maintain an anabolic state and reduce muscle catabolism. Protein should be the main source of amino acids and peptides, which increase blood flow to the muscles and save energy during training.

Advice: 30 minutes before workout take 20 grams of good protein (skim milk, cottage cheese, chicken breast, whey protein).

Good Pre-Workout Meal – Conclusion

Your pre-workout meal should not be solid to prevent sickness and other unwanted processes during exercise. On the other hand, you should never skip meals before exercise, as the work on an empty stomach won’t bring good results and even can be a reason of muscle catabolism. If you wish, you can use effective sports supplements for faster results. Moreover, do not forget about the most important meal for bodybuilders – after workout meal.

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