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Calf Workouts At Home

The main rule for successful calf workouts at home is to find an effective set of exercises. If you want your calf workouts at home to be useful, you need to train a lot, because these muscle is really powerful (we train it every day while walking).

In fact, the calf muscle consists of two muscles: the gastrocnemius and the soleus.
The gastrocnemius is the biggest one, and it makes up the real mass of the lower leg. It is clearly visible, especially when you stand on your toes. The soleus muscle lies underneath the gastrocnemius, and you can see it from the side. The soleus muscle is relatively small. Due to the size of the gastrocnemius you can build it faster and it’ll give your legs good form and providing you with the necessary tone.

Features of calf workouts at home

The calves have tendency to overstress and convulsions, especially while training. But you can avoid this problem if you stretch a few minutes before, during and after the training.

The Best Choice of Exercises For Calf Workouts at Home

Exercise #1

Stand with your legs 5-6 inches apart and pick up two dumbbells. From the starting position slowly rise up on your tiptoe, and then slowly lower your heels to the floor. Repeat the exercise at least 15 times.

Exercise #2

Stand with your legs 5-6 inches apart. Slowly rise up on your tiptoe and then slowly lower your heels, not putting them down to the floor. Make 10-15 reps.

Exercise #3

You need a small step platform (or a book, or anything else that can replace the platform) and two dumbbells. Take your dumbbells and stand up on the platform so that your heels aren’t on it. Rise up on your tiptoe and slowly lower your heels, but don’t put them down to the floor. You should do the exercise as slowly as possible. Perform 2-4 sets of 20-40 reps.

Exercise #4

You need to sit on a chair or a fitball so that the thighs are parallel to the floor and legs are bent at a 90° angle. Put your hands with dumbbells on your knees. Sitting on the chair, lift your heels and raise your legs on toes. Wait a second and put your heels to the floor. Exercise should be done gently and slowly, excluding any jerks. Knees should be raised as high as possible. Perform 3-4 sets of 40-60 reps.

Exercise #5

Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and toes pointing slightly out. Bend your knees and lower down. From a sitting position slowly raise your heels in turn for 10-20 reps. Without changing your position raise both heels at the same time. Exercise should be performed gently and slowly 20-40reps. If you’re an experienced athlete, you can make this exercise more difficult if you take dumbbells in your hands (keep them near your thighs). The exercise is good not only for calves, but also for your hips and butt.

Today there’re a lot of variations of calf workouts at home, which help you to improve your muscles. The most important condition is to train regularly, because only hard-training will lead you to the best results.

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