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Best Shoulder Workout Tips

The deltoid muscle is a surface muscle of the shoulder that forms its exterior contour. It is this muscle that takes part in bending and unbending the shoulder. The back part of the shoulder is comprised of the trapezius muscle.

Each professional bodybuilder knows that shoulder best shoulder workout has a very big role in competition, as it not only makes shoulders grow, but will also emphasize some other muscles, like triceps and biceps. After an effective shoulder training, an athlete will have a much more defined arm.

We should also point out that shoulder training is also necessary to avoid any shoulder injuries in the future. Unfortunately, many bodybuilders have such injuries because the shoulder is used in many different exercises. If you start training your shoulders correctly, it will help strengthen the ligaments and stabilize the joints. As a result, the athlete will minimize the possibility of an injury. To do train against injuries, you need to pay a lot of attention to the technique of the exercise.

Peculiarities Of Shoulder Training

It’s quite difficult to develop shoulder mass. This is due to the fact that the deltoid muscle, which takes part in shoulder formation, has a very difficult structure – it consists of three fascicles: the front, middle and back. Specifically because of this, it’s practically impossible to find an exercise that will equally load the entire shoulder. Shoulder training should necessarily include different types of exercises that will be targeting different fascicles. Besides this, the positioning of the body during an exercise has great significance as well.

The training itself consists of basic and isolating exercises. The former can engage more than one deltoid fascicle and include the traps. On the other hand, isolating exercises are targeting each fascicle separately. Beginners in bodybuilding are very much encouraged to use basic exercises. Each athlete should know that specifically basic exercises are considered preferable for beginners.

Beginner bodybuilders should start with two basic shoulder exercises, while experiences athletes do several basic, as well as up to three isolating exercises in one training session. In general, the amount of exercises is directly linked to the peculiarities of the form and structure of the deltoid muscle. Each set consists of 8-10 reps – this number is considered the best for muscle growth. If bodybuilder is trying to grow strength, the number of reps can be lowered to 5-8.

Basic Exercises

Military press can be easily considered one of the most effective exercises for the deltoid muscle. It can be performed either with a barbell or dumbbells and you can do it either sitting down or standing up. In this case, all of the delts are being used, including the middle fascicles.
Let’s also point out the following exercises: Arnold Press, Dumbbell Fly and Barbell Rows to the chin. All these are equally effective and you absolutely have to do them in order not to develop adaptation. The middle fascicle, which plays the main role in wide shoulder formation, gets the biggest load in basic exercises.

Isolating Exercises

Below we will take a look at most effective exercises for the front and back fascicles. You should pay attention to the fact that most basic and isolating exercises work the middle fascicle, so for its development, basic exercises are enough.

The Front Fascicle

Such exercises as dumbbell raise, shoulder press, as well as low block row allow the front fascicle to be trained. But we should note that the middle fascicle also gets a small amount of exercise. If you dream of making the front dlets fascicle bigger, we recommend doing 1-2 of these exercises per training session. Besides, you should frequently change them up, as to not develop adaptation.

The Back Fascicle

If a person doesn’t like that the back fascicle of the deltoid muscle is underdeveloped, he/she should pay attention to the following types of exercises: bent over rear deltoid raise using Peck-Deck, bent over dumbbell raise, as well as rear deltoid raise. Similar to the front fascicle, the back one needs 1-2 exercises per training session. They should also be interchanged to avoid adaptation.

Of course there are a lot of other types of exercises for shoulder training, but most of them are less effective than the ones we mentioned above, so there is no need to talk about them in detail, in order to not confuse with the variety. It’s not important whether you are a beginner or a professional bodybuilder, all of the mentioned exercises will be sufficient for an effective shoulder training program.

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