Best Leg Workouts For Mass


If you want to gain mass in legs, you need heavy weights and good concentration. In this article we’ll look at the best leg workouts for mass. Without any doubt, one of the best leg exercises for mass is barbell squats. They load both leg flexors and extensors, so you work on several muscle groups. Whereas isolation exercises are aimed ...

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How To Get Bigger Thighs


Nowadays many girls are searching for an answer how to get bigger thighs. Historically rounded women’s thighs are thought to be a symbol of femininity and beauty. The rhythm of modern life has led to the fact that the most common type of body is ectomorphic; it means that more and more women have long thin arms and legs and ...

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Calf Workouts At Home


The main rule for successful calf workouts at home is to find an effective set of exercises. If you want your calf workouts at home to be useful, you need to train a lot, because these muscle is really powerful (we train it every day while walking). In fact, the calf muscle consists of two muscles: the gastrocnemius and the ...

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Treadmill Workouts To Lose Weight

treadmill workouts to lose weight

Treadmill workout is a very good friend, when we speak about losing extra weight. What’s more, you can try treadmill workouts and see their advantages not only at the gym, but also at home. The idea of this workout is that you can walk, jog or run at different speed; and this mixture of styles will influence your body shape ...

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Optimal Length Of A Training Session


Results of much research show that the total amount of time spent on physical activities makes a difference. For example, ten hours per month will be practically twice as effective as five hours. With that said, the length of each session doesn’t really matter – three thirty minute workouts daily will lead to the same result as one hour-and-a-half session. ...

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Best Shoulder Workout Tips

best shoulder workout tips

The deltoid muscle is a surface muscle of the shoulder that forms its exterior contour. It is this muscle that takes part in bending and unbending the shoulder. The back part of the shoulder is comprised of the trapezius muscle. Each professional bodybuilder knows that shoulder best shoulder workout has a very big role in competition, as it not only makes ...

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Best Post-Workout Meal


If you want to know what is the best post-workout meal, then this article is for you. It’s best to eat in the first twenty minutes after the training session.  If you restrain yourself from eating for two hours after training, then it loses all meaning. You will burn some fat, but not gain anything in the size, definition and thickness ...

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Good Pre-Workout Meal


Your good pre-workout meal should provide your body with all the essential nutrients for maximum benefit from the workout. The purpose of your pre-workout meal is to prepare the body for the upcoming stress, ensure a constant flow of energy, keep you in a good mood and help you to be concentrated on your workout. Good Pre-Workout Meal – Water ...

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Exercises For Lower Back


Exercises For Lower Back If you want to have great muscular back, you need to pump all its parts: upper, middle and lower back parts. Today we will look at exercises for lower back, which will help you to build your lower back. However, at first we should figure out what muscles lower back includes. When we speak about exercises ...

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How To Build Bigger Triceps

Build Bigger Triceps

How To Build Bigger Triceps If you want to know how to build bigger triceps, then this article is for you. The triceps is a three headed muscle of the shoulder thanks to which the elbow can bend and unbend. This muscle is concentrated at the back of the shoulder bone and includes three fascicles: the long, lateral and middle. The Formation ...

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